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  • What is the difference between each package?
    VIP – 5 Star Hotel with breakfast buffet, VIP exclusives, all events, airport transfer, VIP gift bag, free shuttle bus and massage treatment. PLATINUM – 5 Star Hotel with breakfast buffet, standard events, free shuttle bus. Excludes VIP exclusive events. GOLD – Selected events only. Excludes VIP exclusive events, free event shuttle bus and airport transfer.
  • What services do you offer?
    We provide the service of allocating hotel and events for the duration of the trip.
  • Can we arrange flights?
    No. Flights are not included in any of our packages. We can however give basic advice regarding flights should you require it.
  • Which methods of payment are accepted if I want to book?
    We accept all major debit and credit cards.
  • How will I know my reservation is confirmed?
    Once you have booked and made a deposit payment you will receive an email confirmation via the email address provided on the booking form, this will include a confirmation reference. You will receive a detailed information pack approximately 6 weeks before the event start date, this includes the list of events taking place throughout the week in Thailand.
  • Can I book for 1 person or 3 people?
    Yes you can book for single or double occupancy. An extra fee would apply for single occupancy with our VIP/ Platinum hotel packages.
  • Can I add extra people to my party once I've paid my deposit.
    Yes you can, as long as it is completed before 1st March 2020.
  • Does my group have to pay their deposits at the same time or can we pay indivi dually?
    If you are purchasing our gold package you can book individually. For all other packages ideally please assign a head passenger to book everyone's place on their behalf.
  • How do I book for more than 6 passengers?
    Firstly please complete the booking form and make payment for up to 6 persons. Then do the same process again for any additional guests. Remember each guest must pay a deposit of at least £100 / $130** to secure their place.
  • Can I join this trip if I'm not from Europe, America or Canada?"
    Yes you can, everyone is welcome.
  • Can guests pay in instalments?
    Yes, there is an initial deposit payment of £100 / $130***. Thereafter a minimum payment of 10% must be made towards your outstanding balance each month. All payment must be made by 1st March 2020.
  • Are deposits refundable?
    No. However, a guest may change the name of the person booked for the accommodation or events up until 1st March 2020.
  • Are my Additional Payments refundable?
    Yes, we are able to refund the amount of 50% of your additional payments up until 1st March 2020. Unfortunately, after this date your additional payments will be nonrefundable and non-transferable.
  • What Happens if I miss my payment deadline?
    If you do not make your payment deadline, a late payment fee will apply to your package.
  • When is the deadline to pay my initial deposit?
    There is no deadline as such, however there is limited spaces for this trip and prices can increase at any-time without notice. Therefore, it is in your best interest to secure your place with us as soon as possible.
  • How do I pay my monthly instalments?
    We will email you payment instructions for your monthly instalments shortly after you book your desired package on-line.
  • Can I pay for my desired package in full immediately?
    Yes we now offer the option of paying for your desired package in full. There is also a discount incentive for this too.
  • When is this event taking place and where?
    DTVIP will take place in Phuket Thailand, on Wednesday 22nd April till Wednesday 29th April 2020.
  • What is the official hotel for Destination Thailand?
    The Nature Phuket (5*) - Inclusive of VIP and Platinum packages
  • What area do you advise I book my hotel if I purchase your events only gold package?
    Ideally select a hotel in the Patong area in Phuket. Most of our events are located within the Patong area
  • What kind of events will be taking place during the week?
    Pool Party, Phi Phi Island, Legends Gala Dinner, Tiger Kingdom, Boat Cruise, Beach Day, Club Nights and Much More.
  • When do we get the Full Itinerary?
    An Itinerary can be found on our website. A confirmed itinerary will be sent to you in March 2020. Location details of our events will only be disclosed 24 - 48 hours before departure via email.
  • What is a VIP Package?
    Our VIP package supplies a combination of events and entertainment over a 7 night itinerary, which includes a 5-star hotel. You also receive a number of exclusive perks too. For more information on package options please check our packages page or if you have any questions about this trip please get in touch with one of our team members, see contact page.
  • Can I purchase just the Events Wristbands Only Package?
    You can purchase the events only Gold package from £550/$695** per person. Prices are subject to change.
  • How much is the Entertainment & Accommodation Platinum Package?
    The Events & Accommodation Platinum package prices start from £1299 / $1645** for 7 nights based on 2 guests sharing. The price includes access to all events excluding VIP exclusive events, 5* hotel with breakfast. Prices are subject to change.
  • Would I be able to purchase alcohol at the events?
  • Can you ensure my room has a balcony and is next door to my friends?
    Our rooms are allocated at random so unfortunately, we cannot promise that your rooms will be next to each other. With that said the hotel is a very intimate space so you will be footsteps away from anyone else you know that has booked. There are telephones in each room so you can easily communicate with each other too.
  • How much is it for single or triple occupancy?
    Please send us an email for single occupancy fees. We do not do triple occupancy.
  • Do you provide airport transfers?
    We offer this service on our VIP Package only. Should you decide to make your own way to our official hotel there are taxi services on standby at the airport at an affordable price. The current official hotel is 60 mins drive from the airport.
  • Do you provide food and drink?
    Food and / or drink is included with certain events for all packages. Information regarding which events include food and drink will be disclosed on March 2020.
  • Do I require a passport to travel?
    Yes, you do. We advise that you contact a reputable local travel agents or airline in regards to all travelling documents required to enter Thailand.
  • Can I stay for less than 7 nights?
    Yes, get in contact with a member of the team to arrange your time of stay you require.
  • If I choose to stay for a shorter length of time is there a price reduction?
    Yes, there will be a small reduction depending on what dates you choose to travel. Please contact us to find out the reduced rates.
  • Is there an age limit?
    Yes, all guests must be 21+.
  • I can no longer attend but my friend wants to take my place what happens now?
    If you cannot attend your booking we can change over booking details if you have someone who is interested in taking your place, a small fee will be applied. This however will only apply up until the 1st March 2020 thereafter the package will be non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • Is travel insurance included in any of the packages?
    No. Although not essential we encourage guests to purchase travel insurance. We advise guests to check with their bank as some accounts include travel insurance.
  • Are there any hidden costs?
    Food and drink is included for selected events only. Unless otherwise stated on our itinerary you will be responsible for the purchase of your own food and drink at our events. There are no other hidden costs.
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